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Posted on October 31st

‘Tis the season to be jolly or stressed? 20 ways to relieve stress

1. BREATHE – deeply and often. Be aware when you hold your breath – it keeps the tension and stress in. Check in with your body right now and see what you are doing.  Are you breathing?

2. stay tuned for the next one…

Posted on June 25th

Are you ready to make a difference in your own life?

How do you FEEL in every aspect of your life? Your livelihood/business, body & wellness, creativity/education/ongoing learning, relationships, spirituality? how do you WANT to FEEL in each of these areas? You are more than your feelings but they are road signs about how well your life is working (or not). The DESIRE MAP by Danielle Laporte is a guide to creating goals with soul and LIFESPRING is presenting TWO introductory workshops as a preview to the study of the book. JULY 28TH MONDAY AND JULY 29TH TUESDAY – Come to one OR the other – whatever night works best for YOU.   COST: $12

Posted on May 8th


Posted on May 5th

Does MAY mean spring is here at last?

The sun is shining here at the Jersey shore. The breeze is still nippier than we would like but we’re hanging in there…warmer weather is on way, right? Perhaps it’s time to walk among the blooms and blossoms (we’ve been talking about that previously). What do you do for yourself to bloom and blossom? Walking in nature, on reliable Mother Earth does it for me. I don’t need to run a marathon, or walk for hours – 20-30 minutes does it and makes such a difference for the whole day…maybe you want to dig out those walking/running shoes, dust them off and get moving…

Posted on April 10th

Do YOU bloom where you’re planted?

It’s a cliche but it’s an important point to ponder. Wherever you go, there you are.          What will make you step into yourself and listen deeply to your own heartsong? And then step out into your world as who you truly are? Whatever life hands you – do you bloom? In every moment or just some of the time or possibly never? Is your cup half empty, half full or perhaps all fun to running over. And not running over with a to do list a mile long of everything that doesn’t really matter. Think about the seeds you’ve been planting and the blooms that will be blossoming…think about it – are you blooming and growing or shriveling on the vine?  Come visit LIFESPRING and we’ll help you blossom!

Posted on April 4th

Something to ponder…

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience…”       Emily Dickinson

Posted on March 20th


Plant yourself at LifeSpring Creative Wellness Center and BLOOM!!!

Happy first day of SPRING…in love and gratitude always

Posted on March 20th


You have been a seed, hibernating for the winter beneath (at least here in the Northeast) a blanket of snow, ice and cold temperatures. Today is the first day of Spring and it’s time to nurture those seeds and seedlings and bring them into full bloom.  It’s time to nurture you.

What does that mean – well, something different for each of us. A walk in the woods, a bike ride, giving a tree a hug, retail therapy, getting a pedicure on the off chance that it will be warm enough very soon to break out the sandals, relaxing with a cup of tea as you watch the birds from your window, having lunch with a girlfriend, a beer with a buddy after work – whatever your nurture might be…today just might be the day.

Take yourself out…give yourself a break…buy yourself some flowers to remind you that you are about to bloom.

Since I’ve moved around a lot in my life my favorite saying was to bloom where you’re planted. It’s still important for me and possibly could become important for you. Each of us has a choice on how we spend our time, how we respond to what life hands us and how we bloom or wither…what will you do for you today to bloom where you are planted?

Happy SPRING, dearest seed about to sprout and bloom…

Posted on February 10th



Back by popular demand…AURA PHOTOGRAPHY – the Janis Alber-Groppi  SCHEDULE YOUR INDIVDUAL  APPOINTMENT NOW – $35 for 20 minutes session and 17 page report.      Your life energy – AURA – surrounding you is UNIQUE. The session and report will help you:

Discover how others perceive you.

Understand the nature of the experiences you are attracting & manifesting

Identify areas of weakness to help you take action to balance your life

ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE…mini Reiki, Reflexology sessions & Palm Readings available throughout the afternoon.

Intrigued? Inspired? Curious? Looking for answers, community, a good thing to do for yourself?                                                          JOIN US – you’ll be glad you did!

Posted on January 5th


Answer the call to transform your life – we at LIFESPRING are here to help you do just that!

Besides our normal yoga, NIA, writing and meditation classes, crystal bowl meditation events and writing circles, we have MANY SPECIAL EVENTS throughout each month.

Rev. Bobbi Torres, our in house Reiki master, is available for appointments. Evidential medium, Rev. Barbara Toole has Wednesday evening appointments for connecting with loved ones in the Spirit World. Marijo Puleo, energy worker of the highest order, has some time slots open on Wednesday evenings from 4:00-8:00. Carol Walkner, energy worker, cord cutter and “seer” is available for day or evening appointments.

Join our community and see for yourself.

Each month is packed with Angel Events, Spirit Readings/Messages from the Spirit World, Past Life Regression Workshops, Releasing the Ties That Bind Workshops and     workshop to add to your Divination skills…join us for one or all of these life transforming events.

We are adding a NEW WORKSHOP SERIES – for your personal life or your business success. The RIGHT BRAIN STRATEGIC PLANNING GUIDE with Carol Walkner. An inspirational, motivational, experiential program that can transform you and your business. SPECIAL OFFER FOR LIFESPRING ONLY – 4 SESSIONS – 2 HOURS EACH  – $79 for all 4.              (Regularly $199). WEDNESDAYS FEBRUARY 26, MARCH 12 & 26, APRIL 9 – 10:00 a.m. – noon.

Posted on January 5th


Happy Chinese New Year!  The year of the HORSE. Are YOU ready to create the life you desire & deserve?

Join us for our many and varied events…Transformation through love & gratitude

SATURDAY February 8 – introduction to Meditation – A sampler with Nancy Y. Learn how to easily incorporate meditation into YOUR life.        11:30 a.m.                                                    $10

SUNDAY February 9 - SECOND in a series – RELEASING THE TIES THAT BIND – this month is about Romance & Partnerships - with Robin Linke  -      3:30-5:50 p.m.                                 $30

WEDNESDAY February 12 – SPIRIT HEALING CIRCLE – with Medium Rev. Barbara Toole  Bobbi Torres & Livia Heckendorn are guest healers for this evening       7:30 p.m.                $10

FRIDAY February 14 – VALENTINE’S DAY Crystal Bowl Meditation with John Eustor            7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                            $10

SUNDAY February 16 – DIVINE ARCHANGEL WORKSHOP – Archangels Daniel & Chamuel with Maura Bertotti & Robin Linke                                            3:30-5:30 p.m.                                $30

WEDNESDAY February 19 – PAST LIFE REGRESSION WORKSHOP – dynamic/experiential with Maura Bertotti                                                                   7:00-9:45 p.m.                                      $50

SATURDAY February 22 - CRYSTALS THE INTUITIVE WAY - Learn a whole new level and aspect of crystals  with Robin Linke                                  7:00 p.m.                                                $25

SUNDAY February 23 - AUTOMATIC WRITING - receive special messages through writing with Maura Bertotti                                                   3:30-5:30 p.m.                                      $25

WEDNESDAY  February 26 – RIGHT BRAIN STRATEGIC PLANNING – SESSION 1 OF 4 – Develop a plan for your life or your business using an evocative new method. An inspirational, motivational, experiential program that can transform you and your business with Carol Walkner.  2 hour sessions every other week. Wednesday 10:00 a.m. – NOON.   $79 for all 4.

FRIDAY February 28  - ANGEL CIRCLE  – with Maura Bertotti     -     7:30 p.m.                        $10

SATURDAY MARCH 1 – Super First Saturday – AURA PHOTOGRAPHY – back by popular demand – call for your appointment, times are filling up and we want you to have the time you desire. Reiki & reflexology sessions, palm and spirit readings available throughout the afternoon.   NOON – 5:00 p.m.     Aura photo & 17 pg. report  $35   ALL OTHER appointments $30 for 20 minutes.                                 ANGEL GALLERY  7:00 – 8:30 p.m.                         $35


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Whenever I come into your space, I don't want to leave...I love it here.
- JM

I can't get enough of Lifespring - I came for the yoga and now have found so many other modalities... you offer so much!
- SH

I wasn't sure what the crystal bowl meditation was but wanted to try something new! Wow! what a great stress reliever. John is amazing when he plays them. I just like watchig him.
- JR

The writing circles have made a huge impact on my life. Thank you.
- FW

Can I just move in?
- EM

The energy is so peaceful and so positive. I melt when I walk through your door and into your beautiful space.
- KK